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About Us

Radio Lagos began operation in 1977 as an off-shoot of the old Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

At its inception, the station operated on two A.M. Frequencies (990khz.303mtrs and 918khz.32.7mtrs).

The need to repackage and assume a new station led to the birth of the new Radio Lagos 107.5 Fm (Tiwa n’Tiwa) under the control of the Lagos State Radio Service in 2001.

Radio Lagos enjoys a unique status as the first predominantly specialized, language station with over 98% of its transmission in Yoruba and Ogu, and just about 2% for English bulletins. The programmes serving in the process as a vehicle for your advertising needs and awareness prompters. Its audiences enjoy a large span of identifiable classifications.

Target audience: General Yoruba speaking listener (Nigeria/Diaspora).

CoverageLagos, Ogun, Parts of Osun, Oyo and Ekiti States.

Eko 89.75 FM was established in 1997 as the sister station to Radio Lagos.

The station functions centre mainly on the presentation of typically traditional values and concepts of Lagos life, through its carefully knitted programmes.

Eko FM ensures a perfect blend of programming in the area of fun-filled excitement, news coverage and delivery, appropriate musical presentation, socially relevant and audience involving programmes. The station perfects its act in the art of new presentation that consists of interviews and accommodating the young and old, music tastes.

The stations hall mark, is its technical success at enabling live signals from Lagos into eight states within Nigeria. This spread ensures a ready market for your promos and campaigns. The station boasts of various local and international awards such as thePHABA (2000) as Africa most exciting and educative station, the National Media MeritAward and DIAMOND AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE (D.A.M.E) Awards.

Target audienceAdult, upwardly mobile

CoverageLagos, Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara, Edo, Delta, Part of Rivers, Bayelsa, Niger, Kogi, Benue, Part of Rep. of Benin.

Music philosophy

Contemporary Nigerian tunes spanning the different genres. (Old and current flavours).